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Holidays - Island Style

Rocky the SharPei  dressed as a raindeer for the boat paradeWe don't have snow.
We don't wear boots nor own gloves.
We have no coat closets.
We can't see our breath.
We rarely turn on the heat, some house don't even have heat.
And not many houses have chimneys for Santa.

But we do know how to celebrate the holidays ... Island Style.


Carolers on the Boardwalk

It's not unusual to find holiday carolers walking the boardwalks or streets of Florida during the holidays.

group of christmas carolers walk fort lauderdale board walk singing to visitors


Boat Parades

When you live on an island, water is either in your back yard or around the corner. Boats are everywhere. So each December we celebrate our boats and have a grand boat parade, complete with prizes for the biggest, brightest and most original theme. And it's not just island residents who have boat parades, they are held all over Florida, from coast to coast. They are so much fun that some communities hold summer boat parades just for the fun of it.

boat at night all decorated

Boat decorated with lights on the water and a dingy with a light up raindeer next to it


Golf Cart Parades

Living on an island, you most likely have a golf cart. They are silent, cheap, and lots of fun. We celebrate our golf carts by having a parade!

closeup of golf cart all decorated with lights Golf cards in a parade all lit up on a very dark night


Lights Everywhere

lights formed into a jellyfish, hanging from a treeYou can't have a holiday without lights. Islanders decorate their yard, house, mailbox, boat, golf cart, and dock to name a few. And the hotels, marinas, condos, gated communities, and business get in on the fun too, in a more elaborate manner.

We have festivals of lights & celebrate our wildlife with lights.

Sunny days & lighted nights during the holidays. And in the winter we actually have palm trees blooming making wonderful displays when decorated with bright lights.

Anything and everything can be decorated with lights in Florida, as long as there is something to power them. And the best part of living in our warm climate, you can decorate with the cheap indoor/outdoor lights & extension cords because winter is our dry season, no worries about water damage.

Anyone who decorates has tubs full of lights. They put them anywhere and everywhere, snaking extension cords and lights into an endless maze of wires. And what wonderful displays they make.

Beautiful lights in the dark, balls, stars, twirling lights


Let's Play in the Snow

kids play on a pile of snowNo, we don't have snow. Well, not real snow. Every year around the state Florida children get to experience frosty snow, Island Style. Using big ice machines, huge mounds of snow are made and kids get to roll around in the snow. Using cardboard boxes they slide down the big piles that last a few hours in our 80 degree December weather.

Many places erect ice skating rinks - how they freeze the ice we don't know.

Then there are "snow" nights and festivals where they blow bubbles from machines placed up high to simulate a snow storm. It is fun to just let yourself imagine it is snowing, especially us northern transplants that miss that 1st snow.


Santa Wears Shorts

Santa frequents our beaches, can you blame him? They have to be on the lookout though, the cops may come to check out the unusual sight.

Island Santa's are barefoot and wear shorts. They also have elves and doggie reindeer. Some dogs even get to be Santa too!


Festive Fashions

Dog with red antlers on, tongue hanging out

Dog with reindeer costume

We dress our doggies.

Holiday fashion for walks on the beach.

Decorated bathing suits.

You name it, we decorate it.

Since it's warm, we don't wear much clothes either.




woman with santa bathing siut walking beach

2 girls at a bar, one with velvet red low cut pants and a velvet red bra, the other with chaps on, butt hanging out, and santa bra



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