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Creepy Creatures

Florida has so many creepy crawling creatures due to our warm climate. I thought it appropriate to include a page so my visitors have a place to turn when they encounter one. I have been living in Florida for a decade and still find myself searching the internet to look up some creepy creature I encountered.


Spiny Orb Weaver Spider

Spiny Orb Weaver SpiderI was in my back yard talking to my neighbor over the fence like they did on the TV show Home Improvement. Suddenly I was stung by something, it hurt badly and left me with a single puncture wound. I looked around and the only bug in sight was this spider, so I assumed it was the culprit. After researching on the internet I found this spider was probably not the culprit, it rarely bites humans, it is a beneficial bug for your yard because it eats mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The Spiny Orb Weaver Spider is the size of a dime and makes the most incredible webs's with very thick long strands that will stop you in your tracks! I had one once in my front yard that would spin a 10 foot web every night and when I walked to my car I would get snagged every day. I was annoyed by this so I relocated the spider down the street to my neighbors house. It was fun trying to get this spider into a jar, but I did it. Anyway, it found it's way back to my backyard and my neighbor over the fence told me he vacuum's 50 or more at a time from his lanai weekly; good thing for me they like his yard better than mine.


mosquitoIn Florida we have thousands of Mosquito varieties. Living on an island you will encounter the Saltwater Mosquito. This mosquito is a small black creature that invades our islands in the hot wet summers. Lucky for us we have Mosquito Control that sprays our islands regularly to keep the mosquito populations under control and our island habitable.

The saltwater mosquito is mostly silent, they do not have the customary buzzing sound inland mosquitos have. Due to their silent nature, they have the ability to cover your body without your knowledge. This mosquito also floats slowly, almost like a fairy, so you don't notice their presence. During the summer you cannot walk outside without the constant awareness of these creepy creatures. The second you feel something on your bare skin you go into the swiping mode, brushing your body everywhere to be sure there are no hitch hikers as we call them because they just land on your clothes or skin and you don't feel them on you or biting you. This is one elusive mosquito.

The other day we had an explosion of mosquitos on our island. I was unaware of this event and walked out to my girlfriends car, got in and brought with me 50 or more mosquitos into the car. We make it to the end of my street, opened all the doors and we all jumped out screaming—the care was full of mosquitos!

That evening I went on the Mosquito Control's website and logged my complaint. Within a day the planes arrived on our island at sunrise and sprayed. That ended the current invasion for now, it is still summer here.

More to Come!

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