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Welcome to Island Life. Check Out Our Fun Stories. More to Come Soon.

Life is just not the same on an island. We have all kinds of wacky things happening here.

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Holidays - Island Style

We may not have snow, but we sure do know how to celebrate the holidays here in Florida. Golf cart & boat parades make our holidays unique. What's with Santa's on the beach?


vulture pecking at a window molding on a carBusy Buzzards

We have some very Busy Buzzards hanging around our islands in Florida. The are very big and have big appetites to match.


the mysterious precious vaseThe Case of the Mysterious Priceless Vase

Living on a small tropical island may seem boring to some folks, but our island has all kinds of exciting things happening all the time.  We have frequent visits from UFO’s, unexplained power outages, alligators in saltwater canals, strange characters roaming the streets, mysterious signs proclaiming Yard of the Month awards, the theft of the great Polly the Flamingo Mailbox, and the true story of the amazing case of the Mysterious Priceless Vase.


Cape Romano Dome HouseWhere Not to Build an Island Home

Building a house on a barrier island is not always the best idea. Sure, you will have privacy, but no protection from mother nature.


Muscians at underwater music festivalWeird Underwater Music Festival in the Florida Keys

2011 marks the 27th year for the Underwater Music Festival just off the shore from Big Pine Key in Florida. Over 500 participants attended this very unique festival.


Easter  Bunny DivingOnly in the Keys: Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Only in the Florida Keys can EggSplorers go on an underwater Easter egg hunt! The Easter bunny will be hiding real eggs on a shallow reef for divers and snorkelers to find on Easter Sunday.
.


pile of mangosMango Madness

Mango Madness starts in South Florida sometime near the end of June every year. The mangos are finally ripe and turn into the talk of the town.


Bunch of Florida Palm BananasBags of Bananas

First it was bags of Mangos, now at the end of August a mysterious bag of bananas appears on my fence. Is this a subtle request for me to bake a sweet treat?


Dogs on bow of boatThe Exciting Adventures of Island Dogs

Living on an island with two dogs bring a lot of fun and adventures into your life. My dogs just love boating, swimming, exploring, and getting into trouble. And if they escape and run away, you never know where they will end up!


Dogs on bow of boatCreepy Creatures

Florida has so many creepy crawling creatures due to our warm climate. I thought it appropriate to include a page so my visitors have a place to turn when they encounter one of these strange creatures.
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Here is a wonderful video of a sunset in the Keys.

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